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Unable to fitinside the crowded and by snow blocked entrance, they eventually wandered out apathetic in the storm. (1)Almost twenty years after the accident in the Dyatlov pass, an interesting parallel occurred in north-central Sweden. The longcanvas of the Dyatlov tent would have started to flutter in an exceptionally violent and self-destructing way, much sothat the only way to save it would be to cut it open from the inside in order to rushoutside for measures of saving it. Therefore I would like to make a statementto the contrary - that, if the weather would have been calm, then any appearing and suddenly disappearing footprintswould really have posed a problem. A storm would give you time to dress and secure or dismantle a tent properly. I admire your ambition and dedication, you are so incredibly awesome! The only really scientific base for my scenario, would be to present the prerequisites for the wind event. The buildup of high density cold air over the ice sheets and the elevation of the ice sheets brings into play enormous gravitational energy. The snow was all covered with blood from open wounds as a result of digging in the snow with frozen hands. But due to the dramatic situation, they must have had to decide in an instance. Cheers! That Dyatlov and his friends followed the natural groove on the slope, all the way down to the edge and into the woodland, points to the fact that they were well aware of the fastest way to an alternative place of "safety". Photo: Richard Holmgren. Obviously it was left to close to their stove. The sad irony is that the hikers didn't cut the tent for escape from an unknown threat but rather to save it from the deadly winds. As Yuri D and Yuri K seemed to have died first, there was no chance for them since they were exposed to winds while making the fire. Obviously and as presumed by the group, the snow came from the trees in the valley below, blowing its way upalong the peaks. Assuch it doesnt necessarily differ that much from the relationship between the factualremains of the bishopric of Sodoma and the storyit was based on the legend of Sodom and Gomorrahthat is. I would also like to take this opportunity to praiseSvetlana Oss for several exciting conversations, advises and wise words along the way. (Extra material from theSwedish documentary - Mysteriet i Djatlovpasset-based on our expeditionand new theory 2019. Furthermore the torn tent was already made unsuitable for this option. Lnk 2 Circumstances such as thesemakes clear that it may have beenhard to estimate if certain wounds were ante- or postmortem. The cooling effect was then around minus 50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit). because they do not know they are creasy and they do not know they are going around in circles . As in chess , the threat is stronger than the execution ! In some places prints are preserved and in some cases gone with the wind. When the air is set in motion and begins to run down along a gradient, very strongwind speeds can occur. Many many thanks Mary! Even though there are fancy models and graphs, the underlying details are very subjective. Furthermore the torn tent was already made unsuitable for this option. 11) One of the last photos taken by the Dyatlov group - approaching their final campsite on Kholat Syakhl. Presumably thewind was already significantbut rather stable during the late afternoon and early evening. Wind speeds regularly exceeded 20 m What they didnt anticipate during the evening of February 1st, was that a moderate windwith stronger gusts could rather swiftly turn into 25 m/s or even much above that. According to Vladimir Askinadzi, present at the scene,Zolotaryov reportedly even had a pen and a paper in his hands which gives the impression of being rather in control. Thus, the problem of separating post- and antemortem injuries, still generateambiguous interpretations. However, the interpretation ofa "snow slab" being decisive for the groups demise, I consider secondary. Skiing in the trailsof the Dyatlov group - watch ourshort film. R. It was the investigator Lev Ivanov who was right because everything can be explained by his theory of a U.F.O but the soviet authorities refused his explination because everything that could be related to religion was disgraced . (8)In other words, the conditions described in the groups last entries had the prerequisites for the buildup of akatabaticwind with devastating effects. If it was indeed found in an off-position, it was certainly not used as a beacon - or perchance it was simply turned off by mistake when fiddling with the switch when found. at each end of the tent still upright as well? One of theseUPI-students, Yuri Koptelov, reported footprints as if people were positioned shoulder to shoulder. Well, thank you Nemo for both celebrating the effort to ski there but also to raise pertinent questions. SVT Nyheter (video och text) - Arkeologen: Drfr dog de i den mytomspunna expeditionen (film & text), 30 januari, 2021. This concernsthe likelydamage to some bodies as caused by the probingsticks when searchingfor themembers of the group. It is based on our skiing to and stay on the pass in 2019 - and thetheory presented below. At least it wont make me feel foolish. The group hastily tried to seek protection which they did in an immediate dug out ditch along the trail. This low temperature was furthermore complemented by an immense storm - although not being akatabaticwind, it still would have had a force enough to put us in an extremely hazardous situation. The most serious fractures are related to the last recovered bodies. Thanks again Lars! Katabatic winds are most commonly found blowing out from the large and elevated ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland. Well,the one who reads theconcluding theory below,ofwhat I reallythink killed the group, he or she will understand that we really had a big reason to be frightened. This was however not mentioned in the autopsy report. I will try to answer you in the best way I can and if I can. But, I would say the skies would have made it just fine. This suggests, therefore, that the frequency distribution of the wind speeds during the lull periods in the summer months possesses a distinct character of its own, with an average wind-speed of approximately 5 knots (9.25 km/hr). Nu tror schweiziska forskare att de har kommit p en frklaring" (kommentar till nya teorin),29januari 2021. Photo: Richard Holmgren. 20) Many thanks to Vladimir and Vladislav for their great hospitality when repacking in the village of Vizhay. Ulcers and multiple bleedings in the stomach as a result of severe hypothermia are quite normal. Before getting to theposition on the mountain we also wanted, likewise to the group in 1959, tryto ski throughthe Auspiya valley inpristine snow and to set up camps in the estimated positions of 1959. Nancy, mostly these tilted trees are positioned close to the riverbed. Thank you so much for your input and insightful comment. Anything thatsticksup andremainsin that position - will likely stay in the way you left it. Yes, it sounds plausible for me as well. Thekatabaticcomponent of myabove theory and our 2019expedition,is also incorporatedasan important later phase considerationin a recentscientificSwiss study;"Mechanisms of slab avalanche release and impact in the Dyatlov Pass incident in 1959"by Johan Gaume andAlexander M. Puzrin (2021). Apile of freshly cutfirewood was furthermore stacked around our stove in order to both dry the wood and to prevent things like sleeping bags to accidently makecontact with the heater during the night. There are several caseswhere changes in gastric mucosa have been seen in hypothermia-related deaths. While Doroshenko and Krivonischenko took responsibility for making a fire, the others started to dig out TWObivouacs, one which was retrieved empty in May and likely meant for Slobodin, Dyatlov and Kolmogorova (photo no. The tent was a converted single tent that was stitched together with a second length of canvas. There are several caseswhere changes in gastric mucosa have been seen in hypothermia-related deaths. Simulations without explicit longwave radiation show that the blocking influence Along the Auspiya river it was easy to puncture the ice near the shoreline. For the Swedish reading audience,a summary of the Dyatlov pass incident and the planning of our tripcan be found. (13)In the case of the Dyatlov group and as indicated, a flashlight was left to shine on top of the snow pile likely in order for the group to reposess the tent as soon as the sudden and chaotic situationgot under control. If it would have beeneasy, they wouldnthave been there in the first place. If the diary indeed belonged to Zolotaryov and a pen was present, itis in stark contrast to his massive chest wounds that many believe made him inoperable. This makes the most sense out of everything I have read. Gnter Wolf explains the basis for katabatic winds in the In Sweden the tragedy which killed eight people,is often referred to as the Anarisolyckan, which in Swedish can be translated to the accident at Anaris. The theory is based on theexperiences from our Dyatlov Pass expedition during Jan/Feb 2019 and the factual evidence of an accident that occured attheAnaris mountains in Sweden 1978. 10) The chilling temperatures on the 1st of February 2019, between the Dyatlov pass and Kholat Syakhl. They had brought with them food for a days tour, but also rescue packs in the form of wind sacks, radio equipment and shovels. Richard Holmgren & Andreas Liljegren, Dyatlov Pass, uring the summer of2018, me and my friend and expedition partner Andreas Liljegren, started to plan for our Dyatlov Pass Expedition 2019. any people have asked us, predominantly in popular media, how the night on the pass underwent and ifwe were scared. (24)One may alsostressanother problematic occurrence that is seldomraised. The theory also tries to explain the order in which the different individuals died - how and why and not least the often referred to strange injuries to the bodies. For instance, winds such as the fhn and chinook are rain shadow winds where air driven upslope on the windward side of a mountain range drops its moisture and descends leeward drier and warmer. Hope you could track my input with my attempt to write in small space. Far from it. In California, strong katabatic wind events have been responsible for the explosive growth of many wildfires, including the 2018 Camp Fire and the 2020 North Complex. 17). Yes, the tent would have been better secured with the group inside, but the cooling effect under a gravity wind would eventually have killed them. I think these actionsareimportant, because many would argue that fleeing from the tent and warmequipmentin such conditions,would mean certain death. Yet a good foundation for a scenario from 1994. Your knowledge and effort has been of great benefit foran entireworld. I was wondering about those tilting treeswhy are they tilted that way? It is necessary but with all the contradictions, such a paper would rather be an investigation of the investigation. Not least, does it show the hopelessness of staying in the tent during strong winds, but also a picture of what Kolmogorova, Igor and Slobodin went through, also in vain. Wikipedia (English) - Dyatlov Pass Incident / Explanations /Katabatic wind. Thanks for your observation and the relevant question. Aware of the dangers of conceivable strongwinds, we pitched the tent with the gablefacing the gradient (photo no. We slept in underclothing of wool, with dry spare jackets. Katabatic winds however are very localized and not visible on the weather maps. They write new content and verify and edit content received from contributors. katabatic wind, also called downslope wind, or gravity wind, wind that blows down a slope because of gravity. It occurs at night, when the highlands radiate heat and are cooled. This with dignity. In the case of the Dyatlov group the only survivable scenario would be to run out, conceal the tent and to wait out the ordeal elsewhere, later to regain the buried equipment. I guess it was because they has no time, their fingers were numb because they already had gotten cold, and very likely their clothes were frozen, so no way to put them on quickly. This site is very informative and I would and will recommend it to any of my colleagues wishing to also study this magnificent case. I agree with your findings.may God bless them lost souls. The same is to say about Dubinina, laying close but in a different angle. Radioactiveexcesses from this devastatingeventhad a wide impact, affecting many. Depending on the exact location of these prints, it could perhapsrevealthe last actions of the groupbefore leaving the tent -how ahurriedteamspread out alongside the tent in order to effectively bury the wind battered canvas with snow? Good that the outline made sense for you. The actual pattern demonstrates heavily wind swept snow, where vortexes have hollowed out scoop-shaped cavities. The persons wearingvalenki (felt boots), like the ones found onThibeaux-Brignolle,would have last muchlonger. My own experience from such scenario in the mountains, is that when you leave the skis standing outside a house in the snow during strong winds things are usually thrown around, while the skis remain unaffected. This with one big exception though - the Dyatlov pass was far from any helping hands. I feel like this theory can be ruled Gazeta.ru (Russia) - Dyatlov Pass: Swedes horrified by the skiers' tragedy - presenting new details about the case of the Dyatlov group's death., (15 February 2019) Thanks! One of the photos far below (no. Leather andcordsare extremely stiffbecause of the cold andyou need to do this with your bare hands. Of course the local and indigenous people - the Mansi - which lifestyle and history also fascinates me, hadto be put asidein order to avoid a detourfrom the main subject. kl. Im really honored! Thus, I believe that a rational approach is the best way to pay respect to the members of the group all of them personalities that likely wanted nothing else than letting us know how they might havespent their last hours in life. Any such wind as described above, would completely take anyoneoff guard,suchin the case of Anaris with its subsequentconsequences. To the far right the grave of Z. Kolmogorova decorated with flowers. In the case of the Santa Ana, for example, the wind can (but does not always) become hot by the time it reaches sea level. Believing in U.F.Os was a belief at the time . So many theories. Their clothing was sufficient, but the sudden compellingforce at Anariswas far greater. Inevitably and as we shall see,I believe that this last portion of the event can give us an idea of what Slobodin, Kolmogorova and Dyatlov went through after being unable to save their friends. u stated that igor dyatlov was found hanging onto a brancn? Great work. The young men at the fire must have struggled hard to get a fire going, which wasalso evident from their unsuccessful attempts. The perhaps best example of a warm body having melted the snow is the layer found beneath Slobodin which shows that his slowly decreasing body temperature affected the snow below him. . I would say that this was the most important purpose of the stove. Although, not as a result of Lyudmilas tongue being detachedwhile still being alive. hus, my hypothesis of the subsequent events is that the rest of the team, Slobodin, Dytlov and Kolmogorova never settled in the nearby bivouac for long that is,in thebivouac that was retrieved empty in May andstillprepared with branches of fir (photo no. From their group diary we know that around noon, on the day beforetheir last campsite on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl, the wind escalated. hen the Anaris-group started the trip, they encountered an outside temperature of around minus 15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit) with a wind speed of around 6 m/s. These rescuers belonged to the Slobtsov group. Before you can work in a scientific manner, you need to have an idea of what you need to prove. Discover Magazine - "The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Can Science Explain What Happened to the Hikers? Although, not as a result of Lyudmilas tongue being detachedwhile still being alive. This is why I think it is important to stress the bivouacs. After years of searching, I believe this is the best theory. Yes, the tent would have been better secured with the group inside, but the cooling effect under a gravity wind would eventually have killed them. It is possible to do that, even though it must have been very hard given the circumstances. Nothing points to this from the time period. Lets see. Another type of warm wind occurs on the leeward side of the mountain ranges. A wound in his armpit is perhaps a revealing sign of slipping down against branches. Aware of the dangers of conceivable strongwinds, we pitched the tent with the gablefacing the gradient (photo no. Only some vodka. Possible light phenomenaor spheres reported in the sky thereafter, cannot be associated with a katabatic wind. supplies---a few mistakes here - not to mention all dry clothes & shoes ! As the dominant input term, precipitation is a key com-ponent The position of the skies furthermore suggest that they were anchored sideways to the wind - thus only facing the wind with some millimetres. Puttingon our ski-boots inthe pass, during-40 C,took aboutthree to four minutes inacontrolled situation. In fact, collapsing a tent to reduce the chances of wind damage, followed by a shielding of snow to hold the tent down, is expected in such situations. Yes, skiing in the footstep felt necessary. (20)The next series of important events are harder to fully comprehend, but likely the experienced group purposely split apart temporarily for survival procedures in the forest. Merits to a great team and kudos to my little Milou for being patient when adventure looms. Good to hear that it makes sense. Climbing Mount Ararat in Turkey and taking part ofthe story of Noah and his ark have also inspired me to understand the origins of such religious accounts. In the next minute or even seconds, the wind got so strong that any tent would have blown away or into pieces - this when the gravity windtipped over Kholat's northwestern edgefrom the adjacent western valley. Igor Dyatlov would have been well acquainted with this, since he spent time in the area the previous year. . A wound in his armpit is perhaps a revealing sign of slipping down against branches. In this case the layingtent could perhaps have steered away most of the wind -. As Swedes we are not completely unexperienced with cold weather, but the brutal temperatures around the pass could be really challenging. Webanabatic wind, also called upslope wind, local air current that blows up a hill or mountain slope facing the Sun. In February of 1978, dammed cooled air was here put in motion very quickly with devastating consequences for a group of nine skiers. This is not forwarded as any criticism to the professional hikers, but something that might have helped them temporarily under any possible turbulent event involving strong winds. Many of his flights were performedin the United States,Spain, Austria and France, where in the latter case, he achieved a record of 7500m altitude in a glider duringawave flight" with separate oxygen. Thiscould be anythingfrom her last meal to any other substance finding its way down her throat whenpositionedwith her face against running water for many days. Photos: Dyatlov Foundation / Richard Holmgren. Obviously they raised their tent laterally onthe slope. In the event of akatabatic wind, the Dyatlov team acted skillfully by shadowing the steps above. Photo: Unknown. [2] A katabatic wind is a downslope flow driven by gravity and pressure gradient forces on a cold sloping surface, which is typically cooled by a negative radiation balance. The actual pattern demonstrates heavily wind swept snow, where vortexes have hollowed out scoop-shaped cavities. Lnk 2 Itcan be seen until January 28, 2022 (narrator's voice in Swedish only). you are serene . Thus, the hikers were likely never worriedbyany overall sliding or tumbling snow masses from atop, as it would be illogical for them to move in the path of any such avalanche-like scenario. One fast way to save a tent from disappearing in the wind, would be too cover the canvaswith the adjacent snow masses a tent whichin turn is sheltered behind an already prepared snow wall/shelf. Such approaches arenot that common infieldarchaeology but excavations in the Middle East sometimesopen such doors. Of course the local and indigenous people - the, 1) The characteristic tilting trees along the Lozva river drew attention already in early depictions from the 19th century. ur sleeping bags that could endure temperatures to minus 35, delivered satisfactory. In the podcast it is incorrectlystatedthat the first three to die were Slobodin, Dyatlov and Kolmogorova. Witha body temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius, most becomeunconscious. Considering the seemingly dimlight (? This is one of several pertinent questions to consider with dealing with the Dyatlov group fleeing without shoes. similar landscape to the mountains south of Otorten can for example be found in Sweden, in the rolling terrain of Anaris. In the end - exhausted and looking for a last solution, perhaps theytried toclimbthe cedarwith frozen limbs,trying to get a glimpse of the tent with its glowing flashlight. Svensken: Drfr dog de nio p berget (8 februari 2019) If one can talk of any advantage regarding a rolling gravity wind, is that it is powerful but rather stable without gusts. If an extraterrestrial civilization appeared in the pass or if a surviving ape from the past is roamingthe taiga, then the mystery of the Dyatlov accident fades in comparison. . The latter place is the name of a rolling terrain that bear much resemblance to the passes south of Otorten in the Urals. The shelter that was only 0,8 meters in depth (c. 2.5 feet), had its top cover repeatedly blown off. The same is to say about Dubinina, laying close but in a different angle. yths and legends have interested me since childhood - not least how these can betransformed over a longer period oftime. I don't understand how the 9 could have done so much during the really cold, really fast winds such as build a fire, dig snow holes (deep, big ones at that!). Aftonbladet (Plus) Djatlovmysteriet har gckat vrlden i ver 60 r. ne may alsostressanother problematic occurrence that is seldomraised. Photos: Dyatlov Foundation / Richard Holmgren, hrough the Auspiya valley, southeast of the pass, we were in total four persons me, Andreas Liljegren and our experienced Russian colleagues, Ekaterina Zimina and Artem Domogirov from Yekaterinburg. As aflight instructor since 1986, hehas been intensively involved in meteorology since the start. The moisture in the wind, while crossing the mountain ranges condenses and s someone said. Thanks for you question! Theyre wrong. Certain zippers also malfunctioned and the soft but strong G-1000 cloth in our jackets and trousers (the classic Swedish brand of Fjllrven) simply turned into crispbread. However, difficult skiing through the day, pitching of the tent, cooking, sawing and chopping wood, made each evening into a sleeping pill itself. emergency? The canvas of my anorak almost teared apart because of the ripping effect caused by fallingwinds. The weather has always been my presumption and especially after experiencing the freezing winds on Kholat. In any case your points are important and should be weighed in. I would even suggest that if the gusts exceeded 25-30 m/s (or much more), some of them couldoccasionally even have tumbled overexposed parts of the incline.

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