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Whats documented is what was visible to the public during that time. Two of Laveau's nephews, banjo player Raymond Glapion and bassist Alcide "Slow Drag" Pavageau, became prominent New Orleans jazz musicians. Marie Laveau II, the infamous and well-known daughter of a voodoo queen, died on June 11, 1897. Although she and Glapion never married, Marie had fifteen children by him in rapid succession and ultimately ended her hairdressing career to devote all of her energies to raising her brood. In New Orleans in the 18th and 19th centuries, slaves, Creoles and free people of color practiced a brand of voodoo that incorporated African, Catholic, and Native American religious practices. [33] Some leave offerings of hair ties by the plaque at her former home at 1020 St. Ann Street, gifts which honor her fame as a hairdresser. Updates? Susanoo in Japanese Mythology Role & Origin | Who is Susanoo-no-Mikoto? Chiron Origin & Greek Mythology | Who was Chiron? Daisy Bates Biography, Facts & Accomplishments | Who was Daisy Bates? I agree with Rhonda, we may never know specific details about her life due to the falsified national memory, of Marie Laveau being label a voodoo priestess or witch in recent public media. Crips Gang History & Locations | Who are the Crips? She also appears as a background character in Barbara Hambly's Benjamin January mystery series, set in New Orleans. I dont believe her actual age, nor the actual number of children she did or did not have changes the fact she was an extraordinary woman, of great faith. 1 isopen only to visitors with tour guides or who have family buried in the cemetery. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Princess Diana Life, Accomplishments & Death | Who was Princess Diana? Marie grew up on her fathers plantation where she was educated and studied to be a hairdresser. The New Orleans newspapers announced the death of Marie Laveau on June 16, 1881, and official New Orleans records indicate that a "Marie Glapion Laveau" died on June 15, 1881 (although giving her age as 98). Matthew Ridgway Life & Legacy | Who was General Matthew Ridgway? Laveau, a hairdresser by trade, was the most famous and purportedly the most powerful of the citys voodoo practitioners. Apostles in the Bible: Names & History | Who were the 12 Disciples? The date of Laveau's death is also a matter of some dispute, with some reports having her performing ceremonies as late as 1890 (although these later appearances are generally thought to have been by her daughter). She has a Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities from The Ohio State University with a focus in English. Pat Nixon Biography & Accomplishments | Who was Pat Nixon? Of all the elaborate gravesites to be found in New Orleans, the grave that attracts the most visitors each year is Marie Laveaus tomb. View the Full Page. Goddess Oshun: Origin, Symbol & Significance | Who is Oshun? No major ceremonies would take place here, but it was a place of spiritual gathering and rejuvenation for Africans who experienced major oppression and hardships both on the plantation and as free citizens. We depend on ad revenue to craft and curate stories about the worlds hidden wonders. [44], A musical from 1999, Marie Christine, is also based on the life of Laveau. Some women are Kalindah Laveaux, Sallie Ann Glassman, and Miriam Chamani. Hapi Origin & Mythology | Who was the Egyptian God of the Nile? At 5 o'clock yesterday evening Marie Laveau was buried in her family tomb in St. Louis Cemetery No. SOURCES It seeks to help the hungry, the poor and the sick as Marie Laveau once did. She was also known for nursing and healing the sick of the surrounding communities and inmates in prison. Angelica Schuyler Church Life & Family | Who was Angelica Schuyler? Death of Marie Laveau. Temple of Dagon Overview, History & Facts | Who is the God Dagon? Egyptian Goddess Mut Overview, History & Facts | Who is Mut? Anat Overview, Mythology & Symbols | Who is Goddess Anat? Molly Maguires Overview & Significance | Who were the Molly Maguires? [43] The Los Angeles blues band Canned Heat featured a five-minute instrumental called "Marie Laveau" on their second album Boogie With Canned Heat (1968), written by and featuring their lead guitarist Henry Vestine. [5] An alternate spelling of her name, Laveaux, is considered by historians to be from the original French spelling.[2]. The second major ritualistic space, Congo Square, was a public square that was set aside by city officials as a gathering space for both enslaved and free African people. Peter III of Russia: Wife & Legacy | Who was Emperor Peter III? For sensationalism, they would often report extreme tales of what they witnessed. Queen Victoria Biography & Family Tree | Who was Queen Victoria? Inside her New Orleans mansion, Madame Delphine LaLaurie tortured and murdered untold numbers of enslaved people in the early 1830s. Robert Kennedy Family, Death & Legacy | Who was Bobby Kennedy? House of Hohenzollern: History & Facts | What was the Hohenzollern Dynasty? Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie (ne McCarty) was a high-society Creole socialite in 1830s New Orleans. She is NOT in St. Louis cemetery #1. While Luke walks among the dormant zombies, Marie commands them to begin. Vamana Avatar Legend & Symbolism | Who is Vishnu's Fifth Avatar? I feel like its a lifeline. (January 29, 2015, Thursday ): 64 words. The most unusual final resting places in the Big Easy's "Cities of the Dead.". These new immigrants consisted of French-speaking white planters and thousands of slaves, as well as free people of color. Gather 'round for the spooky true story of Marie Laveau, Queen of New Orleans Voodoo. Anthony Burgess Life, Career & Books | Who was Anthony Burgess? "The Tomb of Marie Laveau," Left Hand Press (2016) (, Bloody Mary. Izanami, Japanese Goddess: Mythology & Role | Who is Izanami-no-Mikoto? She also appeared to excel at obtaining inside information on her wealthy patrons by instilling fear in their servants whom she either paid or cured of mysterious ailments. The religious system of voodoo originated in the west African kingdom of Dahomey in what is now modern-day Benin. Marie Catherine Laveau (September 10, 1801 June 15, 1881)[2][3][nb 1] was a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo, herbalist and midwife who was renowned in New Orleans. Her beliefs included the recognition of spiritual forces, which can be kind or mischievous, that preside over daily life and intercede in the lives of their followers. Scathach Mythology & Appearances | Who is Scathach in Celtic Mythology? The neighbors rushed out to help, offering to pour water on the flames and help the family evacuate. Storyville was New Orleans' historic red light district and hotbed of jazz music, sometimes referred to simply as "The District.". Following the custom of the time, Laveau began calling herself the Widow Paris. William Wallace Overview & Death | Who was William Wallace? Reporters painted her in the most glorious terms a saintly figure who nursed the sick and prayed incessantly with the diseased and condemned. Known for: founding an African American religious order in New Orleans; the order provided education for free and enslaved Black people, contrary to Louisiana law. . She lived with him until his death in 1855, but as late as 1850 a newspaper still referred to her as Marie Laveau. True Stories from the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans," Weiser publishing (2016) (, This page was last edited on 20 April 2023, at 18:00. [citation needed], In television, a heavily fictionalized Marie Laveau (portrayed by Angela Bassett) appears as a character in American Horror Story: Coven and American Horror Story: Apocalypse. FX. They were never raided by the police who feared that if the crossed Marie she might hoodoo them. "Voodoo in New Orleans", The MacMillan Co. (1946), (, Ward, Martha. After the revolution in Sainte-Domingue (17911804), another wave of African people brought their religion to New Orleans. Phanes, Greek God of Creation: Mythology & Powers | Who is Phanes? At the same time, she healed the sick, and was regarded by many admirers as a living saint due to her humanitarian work. Image: Marie Laveau by New Orleans artist Dimitri Fouquet Women still carry on the traditions and practices. Walter Benjamin Life, Philosophy & Work | Who was Walter Benjamin? The infamous Madame LaLaurie. It was probably the work of this small percentage of people that was sensationalized by people outside of the religion. Some scholars believe that Laveaus feared magical powers of divination were actually based on her network of informants which she developed while working as a hairdresser in households of the prominent. Gilles Deleuze Life, Philosophy & Career | Who was Deleuze? Laveau would gather her followers here on Sundays to dance and worship. [12], During her life Marie Laveau was known to have attended to prisoners who were sentenced to death. To the superstitious creoles Marie appeared as a dealer in the black arts and . Charon Origin & Mythology | Who is the Ferryman of the River Styx? Place an image of Marie Laveau to represent the Spirit of Death. This 19th-century New Orleans Voodoo practitioner lived a life shrouded in mystery and inspired numerous works of art and literature, appearing in assemblage pieces by visual artist Renee Stout and becoming a character in several Marvel Comics . George W. Bush Life & Presidency | Who is George W. Bush? Gamblers shout her name when throwing dice, and multiple tales of sightings of the Voodoo queen have been told. [1] News of her death was featured in a number of newspapers, including the "Staunton Spectator" in Virginia,[23] the "Omaha Daily Bee" in Nebraska,[24] as well as several newspapers published in Minnesota. The Vodou tradition was strengthened and reinforced by the free and enslaved African community of New Orleans. He reportedly disappeared and was later reported dead. About 1875 Marie Laveau gave her last performance, and announced she was retiring to her home on peaceful Saint Ann Street in the Old Quarter. She was largely unchallenged for much of her lifetime. Anansi the Spider: Stories & Mythology | Who is Anansi? Sita, Hindu Goddess: Story & Description | Who is Sita in Ramayana? Matthew Henson Timeline & Accomplishments | Who was Matthew Henson? "A New Orleans Voudou Priestess: The Legend and Reality of Marie Laveau," Gainesville: University Press of Florida (2006), (, Tallant, Robert. 1, NY Times archived article from 1881 regarding Marie Laveau's death,, Occultist, voodoo priestess, midwife, nurse, herbalist, Charles Laveau and Marguerite Henry (known as D'Arcantel), International Shrine of Marie Laveau , New Orleans Healing Center circa 2015, Mothers, Children, Fevers, Love, Volunteerism, Alvarado, Denise. Details of Laveaus life are sketchy, and complicated by the fact that her daughter was also a famous priestess named Marie. [9] They were reported to have had 15 children (it is unclear if that includes children and grandchildren). Even the story of Voodoo has been corrupted by Euros (so called white folks) for financial gain/profit. She was said to have died peacefully in her sleep, leaving Marie Laveau's cause of death likely to be advanced age. All rights reserved. Bayard Rustin Biography & Leadership | Who was Bayard Rustin? Helen Keller Life & Accomplishments | Who was Helen Keller? Voodoo methods include readings, spiritual baths, specially devised diets, prayer and personal ceremony. Joe Louis, Boxer: Life & Career | Who was Joe Louis? Their marriage certificate is preserved in St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Marie Catherine Augustin (born Laveau), 1801 - 1881 Marie Catherine Augustin (born Laveau) was born on month day 1801, at birth place, Louisiana, to Charles Laveaux Trudeau Jardet Laveau Trudeau and Marguerite Toussainte Laveau Trudeau (born Henry). Some, however, danced around the question of whether or not she had ever practiced Voodoo. Saddam Hussein Life, Rule & Death | Who was Saddam Hussein? They are proud of their heritage and seek to educate people on the history. Marie Laveau maintained her authority throughout her leadership, although there was an attempt to challenge her in 1850. Some of the most incredible, beautiful, and strange places in the Atlas. Unique tombs and graveyards to visit in the Big Easy. Michel Nostradamus Life & Predictions | Who was Nostradamus? The arrest took place in nearby Cemetery No. Poco Members & Discography | Who are the Members of the Band Poco? [30][31], As of March 1, 2015, there is no longer public access to St. Louis Cemetery No. Since the public had made no distinction between mother and daughter, the death of one ended the career of the other. Dietrich Bonhoeffer Biography & Books | Dietrich Bonhoeffer Overview. Pope Joan: History & Legend | Who was the Female Pope Joan? Family sources tell us Lisa Marie's ex, Danny Keough, performed CPR. One of her daughters named Marie possibly assumed her position, with her name, and carried on her magical practice, taking over as the queen soon before or after the first Marie's death. Every year . Kalki Overview, History & Facts | Who is the 10th Avatar of Vishnu? Charles Finney Life & Beliefs | Who was Charles Finney? Celts History, Culture & Religion | Who are the Celts? "Marie Laveau | History of American Women", "Marie Laveau: Separating fact from fiction about New Orleans' Voodoo queen", "Dictionary of Louisiana Biography - L - Louisiana Historical Association",, "In the late 1800s, devastating yellow fever epidemics forced New Orleans to confront its sanitation problem | The Historic New Orleans Collection", "Staunton Spectator. Word is passed generation to generation. Tom Hayden: Family, Career & Death | Role in the Chicago Seven Case, Bella Abzug Family, Life & Career | Role in Equal Rights Amendment. Queen Overview, History & Songs | Who are the Queen Band Members? William B. Travis Biography & Accomplishments | Who was William B. Travis? John Laurens: Life, Career & Legacy | Who was John Laurens? Renowned in life and revered in death, some say she continues to work her magic from beyond . Not to believe the amount of children. Leni Riefenstahl Biography, Movies & Propaganda| Who was Leni Riefenstahl? Electra in Greek Mythology: Family & Role | Who is Electra? [16][17] Her other community activities included visiting prisoners, providing lessons to the women of the community, and doing rituals for those in need without charge. . House of Saud History & Members | Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, Al Thani Family History & Rulers | Royal Family of Qatar, House of Este | Family, History & Significance, House of Bourbon | History, Rulers & Dynasties. Its like a teacher waved a magic wand and did the work for me. Marie Laveau's daughter continued her mother's work after her death, but she was not as popular or successful as her mother. The Creole living in Louisiana at that time inter-mixed with Black slaves, free people of color, Indian and Acadian people. Sobek: Characteristics, Myths & History | Who is the Egyptian Crocodile God? [1] The wedding mass was performed by Father Antonio de Sedella, the Capuchin priest known as Pere Antoine. Jesse Jackson Life, Career & Children | Who is Jesse Jackson? Laveau made a good income by selling gris-gris (an amulet originating in Africa which is believed to protect the wearer from evil or brings luck), charms, magical powders guaranteed to cure ailments, granting desires and confounding or destroying ones enemies. Elizabeth the Queen Mother Biography & Children | Who was the Queen Mother? Charlie Chaplin Biography & Movies | Who was Charlie Chaplin? Arjuna The Pandava: Life, Legends & Characteristics | Who was Arjuna? Eminent writer Lafcadio Hearn referred to her as one of the kindest women who ever lived. Her fame guaranteed prominent obituaries in the New Orleans Times-Picayune and the New York Times. Olive Oatman Biography & Abduction | The Captivity of the Oatman Girls. Baal God Origin & Biblical Significance | Who is Baal? She died peacefully at home on June 15, 1881. Marie passed away of cause of death in 2014, at death place, Louisiana. King George IV Life & Reign | Who was King George IV of England? True of all continents & races enslaving captives. She is the protagonist of such novels as Robert Tallant's The Voodoo Queen (1956); Francine Prose's eponymous Marie Laveau (1977); and Jewell Parker Rhodes' Voodoo Dreams: A Novel of Marie Laveau (1993). Marie Laveau is believed to have been born in the French Quarter of New Orleans on September 10, 1794, the illegitimate daughter of wealthy Creole plantation owner Charles Laveau and his mistress Marguerite (who was reportedly black and Choctaw Indian). This cemetery overlooking the Benbulben rock formation is the final resting place of one of Ireland's most beloved poets. 6 chapters | Manuela Beltrn Is a Colombian Hero. "The Magic of Marie Laveau: Embracing the Spiritual Legacy of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans," Weiser Books (2020), (, Long, Carolyn Morrow. Semele Genealogy & Mythology | Who is Semele in Greek Mythology? [3], Of Laveau's magical career, there is little that can be substantiated, including whether or not she had a snake she named Zombi after an African god, whether the occult part of her magic mixed Roman Catholic saints with African spirits, and Native American Spiritualism. Some historians place it closer to 1794, while others place it in 1801. Marie Laveau (1794-1881) was a Louisiana Creole: descended from the colonial white settlers, black slaves and free people of color of southern Louisiana. [2][22] The different spellings of her surname result from many different women with the same name in New Orleans at the time, and her age at death from conflicting accounts of her birth date. She agrees to an alliance with the witches and sits down to a . King Henry the 8th Family, Wives & Reign | Who was King Henry VIII? Peter Kropotkin Biography, Books & Quotes | Who was Peter Kropotkin? John Nash, Mathematician: Life & Career | Who was John Nash? Angela has taught ages from preschool to high school for the last 17 years. In Charlaine Harris's True Blood (Sookie Stackhouse novels) book series, the character Hadley is lured to her death at the site of Marie Laveau's tomb. There was more There is some confusion regarding Laveaus year of birth. Once the news of Laveaus powers spread, she overthrew the other voodoo queens of New Orleans. Oral traditions suggested that the occult part of her magic mixed Roman Catholic beliefs, including saints, with African spirits and religious concepts. Rama the Hindu God: History, Facts & Overview | Who is Lord Rama? In visual art, the African American artist Renee Stout often uses Laveau as a visual motif. And after her death in 1881, her legend only continued to grow. Bodhidharma Life, History & Significance | Who was Bodhidharma? The Strange Tale of SS Warrimoo, the Ship That Existed in Two Centuries at Once, 9 Sacred and Superstitious Voodoo Sites You Can Visit Today, Strange Tombs and Cemeteries in New Orleans,,,,,, Every weekday we compile our most wondrous stories and deliver them straight to you. John McCain Life & Career | Who was John McCain? Ernest Shackleton Expeditions & Legacy | Who was Ernest Shackleton? Seabiscuit: Racehorse History & Significance | Who was Seabiscuit? Laveau became a hairdresser to create economic stability for herself and her family. Epistle to the Galatians: Summary & Purpose | Who Wrote Galatians? Rothschild Family History & Facts | Who are the Rothschilds? Family knows the oral history, however I will tell you this. As queen, Laveau predominately orchestrated rituals at three main sites: her home on St. Ann Street, Congo Square, and Lake Pontchartrain. While there is no real evidence that it is actually Marie Laveaus tomb, hundreds of visitors each year make a regular pilgrimage to the site where, according to tradition, Maries spirit would personally intervene to anyone leaving an offering of coins, Mardi Gras beads, flowers, rum or candles. On June 15, 1881, while in her bed at her St. Ann Street cottage, surrounded by family and community members, including her only surviving child Marie Philomene, Marie Laveau passed away. Since record-keeping was so sketchy during that time I think we need to remember that ANY account we read about this person is someone elses version, and therefore, it is presented as their reality for this person and not necessarily more, or less true, than anyone elses version. [8] Tourists continue to visit and some draw X marks in accordance with a decades-old tradition that if people wanted Laveau to grant them a wish, they had to draw an X on the tomb, turn around three times, knock on the tomb, yell out their wish, and if it was granted, come back, circle their X, and leave Laveau an offering. Laveau performed her services in three main places: her own home on St. Ann Street, within Go Square, and at Lake Pontchartrain. Laveau had a large network of local people in the community to offer services too. Her grave has more visitors than the grave of Elvis Presley. From time to time. Marie Laveau Biography & Tomb | Who was Marie Laveau? [3], On June 17, 1881, it was announced in the Daily Picayune that Marie Laveau had died peacefully in her home. Philip Mountbatten Family, Role & Death | Who was Prince Philip? Sir Edmund Hillary Life & Accomplishments | Who was Edmund Hillary? Gamal Abdel Nasser Biography, Facts & Books | Who was President Nasser? (Omaha [Neb.]) Ruth Bader Ginsburg Biography, Accomplishments & Quotes | Who was RBG? Stop LYING on our people. Amalek Overview & Facts | Who are the Amalekites in the Bible? Laveau's tomb and burial place is in St. Louis Cemetery No. Marie II still reigned over the voodoo ceremonies of the blacks and ran the Maison Blanche, but she never regained high notice in the press. Strangely, when Marie II died, Marie I seemed to pass into obscurity. Often the rituals involved ground roots and herbs. Callisto in Greek Mythology: Origin, Role & Fate | Who was Kallisto? She was drawn to religion after the death of her mother. By signing the decree on March 27, 2010, the pope confirmed the recommendations of Vatican authorities who have studied the cause for several years. Many Creole today can trace there ancestors back to that time. "Hauntings Horrors and Dancing with the Dead. Philippe Pinel Biography & Psychiatry | Who was Philippe Pinel? Singing, dancing, drumming, and spirit possession would occur in these gatherings. Her contributions to SAGE Publications's. Voodoo was harshly examined and regulated by the local government of the area in New Orleans, but despite that, the practices and traditions often flourished. I would definitely recommend to my colleagues. 1 is a popular tourist spot. Although most workers used their powers for positive forces, there were some who did not. Although Laveau was a committed mother and wife, much of her priority in caretaking was extended to her spiritual children and the general community. Hermann Goering Life, Career & Trial | Who was Hermann Goering? copyright 2003-2023 Laveau's powers reportedly included healing the sick, extending altruistic gifts to the poor, and overseeing spiritual rites. Although she is not yet officially considered a saint, there is a strong movement to have her canonized. "Grave disquiet; Briefs." The cause of death was drowning. Curious white people would often sneak into the woods to witness these ceremonies. Louis XVII Family, Imprisonment & Death | Who was Louis Charles? Emma Goldman Overview & Anarchy | Who was Emma Goldman? To know her you must be part of her blood or her Loyal servant(s). Marie Laveau is the legendary former Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. 2 and there are conflicting accounts of the incident. Dagon God History, Mythology & Facts | Who was Dagon in the Bible? Follow us on social media to add even more wonder to your day. Independent scholar and curator. People often sought conjurers to intervene or protect them from what was happening. For several decades this Voodoo Queen held New Orleans spellbound. The first Marie was born in the French Quarter of New Orleans around 1801, the illegitimate daughter of a Creole mother and a white father. [25], At least two of her daughters were named Marie, following the French Catholic tradition to have the first names of daughters be Marie, and boys Joseph, then each use middle name as the common name. Book of Micah: Facts & Prophecy | Who is Micah in the Bible? George Herbert Mead Biography & Theories | Who was George Herbert Mead? Marie Laveau II lived an unusual life as the daughter of a voodoo queen. People sought her advice for marital affairs, domestic disputes, judicial issues, childbearing, finances, health, and good luck. Agni, Hindu God of Fire Myth & Role | Who is the God of Fire in Hindusim? [32] At the time of her death, The New York Times, The New Orleans Daily Picayune, the Daily States and other news sources describe her as "woman of great beauty, intellect, and charisma who was also pious, charitable, and a skilled herbal healer. In her backyard, she would also have ceremonies that conjured the spirit of the Great Zombi, the deity Damballah Wedo who would manifest through a snake. Childhood and Early Years This also included ministering to prisoners on death row, as well as taking in the sick to be nursed in her own home. Loki in Norse Mythology: Family, Symbols & Legacy | Who is Loki? Lord Nelson Facts & Accomplishments | Who was Lord Nelson? [volume] (Staunton, Va.) 1849-1896, July 12, 1881, Image 4", "Omaha Daily Bee. Loretta Lynch: Life & Career | When was Lynch Attorney General? Felipe VI Life, Family & Role | Who is Felipe VI of Spain? Patrick Henry's Speech: Quotes & Analysis | Who was Patrick Henry? please consider donating on ko-fi, it would help me a lot!! [47] A character named Marie Laveau also appears in the Italian comic book Zagor. 2. "[19], Some followers of Louisiana Voodoo pray to Laveau as if she were an Lwa spirit, asking her for favors and channeling her via spirit possession, though not all Louisiana Voodoo believers do this. She was described as a quadroon, a term which meant one quarter African. Recite the following curse prayer: "To . Marie Delphine Macarty or MacCarthy (March 19, 1787 - December 7, 1849), more commonly known as Madame Blanque or, after her third marriage, as Madame LaLaurie, was a New Orleans socialite and serial killer who tortured and murdered slaves in her household. Shang Ti, God in China: History & Religion | Who is Shangdi? Joe DiMaggio Career, Life & Death | Who was Joe DiMaggio? In Cornrow City, Marie is levitating on her ritual Voodoo vv. Victoria Woodhull Life & Presidential Campaign | Who was Victoria Woodhull? Plantagenet Dynasty, Rulers & Family Tree | House of Plantagenet. George Stinney Jr Case & Execution | Who was George Stinney Jr? Rich and poor sought the aid of her dark powers to control lovers, gain fame and fortune, become pregnant, and exact revenge on others. Osama Bin Laden Family & 9/11 | Who was Osama Bin Laden? The Marie Laveau Phenomenon As a queen for several decades, Laveau was mother to many. She was the firstborn of fifteen other siblings. Marie Laveau, also spelled Laveaux, (born 1801?, New Orleans, Louisiana [now in the U.S.]died June 15, 1881, New Orleans), Vodou queen of New Orleans. The only real truth we can say here is . Zagreus in Greek Mythology: Identities & Roles | Who is Zagreus?

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