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Absolutely love the simplicity of ordering with y'all! Setting the highest industry standards as a leading benchmark refinery, and the only one, in the Southern Hemisphere. Lots to choose from. By appointment only, as goods are not kept on the premises. Always Great. Similar to our example abovewith border on reverse. Sell Silver to Us. Always enjoy working with APMEX. Great selection, prices and Fast reliable shipping. Believed to have been produced in 1981. Savvy collectors know that when they get a chance to buy Engelhard silver bars (particularly in rare weights like the 5 oz), they should snatch it up, especially if the bars are in like-new . The purpose of the serial number on each Engelhard silver bar is to authenticate the bullion. At least one example, 107752, demonstrates a circular production machine mark between the last two digits of the serial number, pictured below. I have purchased many times through you because I trust you. [Boxed E London Logo] [ENGELHARD] [LONDON] [1oz 999]. This precise stamping gives customers confidence that they are getting exactly what they pay for not just an approximation or fraud. presale. We take data security very seriously. Our shipping costs are very simple and can be seen in the tiers below. Thats quite a disparity for a coin with a mintage of 264,000. I polished my bars, erasing obvious days to years of neglect. Couldn't find this anywhere else. Similar to our above example, this bar was produced byEngelhardfor IMPEX. [ENGELHARD INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LTD. in Elongated Octagon] [REFINERS & ASSAYERS] [1oz. Best selection and quality, competitive pricing, never an issue with orders or delays. SPONSORED. The left and right sides of the rectangle are longer, and this appears to be the first Engelhard logo, and the H and A arenoticeablywider. On the reverse of 100 oz Silver Cast Poured Bars is blank, but may feature tarnish, flaws, textures, and other striations. A few nicks here and there but over all a very nice piece. Our data indicates that production never reached PB025000. The bar I got is a stamped bar. We believe there are three possible varieties to include a smooth E, a frosted E and a third variety with a roughly frosted E some of which demonstrate a proof-like finish. These ratings aredesignated on our Definitive Pages as Tier 1 through Tier 5, with Tier 1 representingthe most rareexamples and Tier 5 representing the more common examples, per the classification categories found below. Engelhard is one of the companies who pays less attention to the design, and places more weight on the quantity and quality of bars they are able to offer. Similar to above example 6-digit variety, but with a larger serial number font. The reverse side features either a big Engelhard E or the powerful image of an eagle. Lost in Transit is defined for the USPS as tracking not having updated in 5 or more calendar days. Throughout the early 1900s the Engelhard company was the main fabricator of gold, silver, platinum in North America. The hold periods by payment method are listed in checkout and in your confirmation email. We only ship to U.S. addresses (including P.O. In addition, all VISA and MasterCard orders undergo an additional step of user authentication - the respective Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode programs. Rare ingot and bar collectors approach their hobby much in the same way as coin collectors, where strong emphasis is placed on visual appeal and attractiveness. These bars come in a multitude of different designs, different logos, and different text formats. By creating an account, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. [ENGELHARD INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LTD.] [REFINERS & ASSAYERS], [1 oz. These are the more common Engelhard bars and rounds that were widely produced throughoutthe 1980s. Prices on these examples remain realisticallycompetitive, as of this writing, much in the sameway our Tier 1 and 2 examples were just a few short years ago. Call us at 844-258-2538 or email us at buybacks@jmbullion.com to receive custom bid pricing for this item. Occasionally observed in serial placement error as seen on bar PV65919, also pictured. Therefore, our shipping insurance does not cover missing packages or items sent to these locations if the tracking shows delivered. Their bars also have the Engelhard hallmark, which often includes a capital E set against the backdrop of a globe. Yes! 12/26/22. We offer a 4% discount to "cash" paying customers - with paper check, bank wire, and bitcoin payments being defined as cash. Australian Hallmark repeated diagonally two full times, matte finish, with a border. 1983 engelhard prospector silver round KEY DATE. The costs in shipping to these places is extremely prohibitive, so we utilize USPS on all shipments. This rich heritage attracts collectors who see beyond the value of metal itself to the value of the story behind the metal. Being undisputedly trustworthy and inspiring confidence in the market. Great price! Note the erratic number 7 in the bar pictured that indicates this was hand stamped. Engelhard was considered one of the most recognizable names in industry and their history spans as far as the early 1900s. I requested a bar with a serial number if possible and they were able to provide it. troy SILVER 999 fine] [Serial Number]. At the top, the bar features Engelhards bull logo, its traditional rectangular octagon with an added circle and half-circle that make it resemble a bulls head. Looking forward to my next purchase! Explore JM Bullion to find Engelhard products to enrich your precious metals collection today. Opens in a new window Opens an external site Opens an external site in a new window. Also, the . in 1 oz. Credit/debit card, PayPal, BitCoin, Ethereum, and Ripple orders are paid at the time of checkout, while paper check and bank wire orders require a credit/debit card on file to lock in your pricing while we await your payment. Additional information regarding the Great American Insurance Company counterstamp may be found at this, Art bar (either blank or frosted reverse), PH, PI, PJ, PK, PL, PM, PN(? Product Details. Similar to above example, but with 6-digit serial assignment without letter prefix. No. For decades, they crafted some of the most coveted silver bars and rounds on the market, and their American origin made them even more attractive. For this reason you will come to find that Engelhard silver bars are about as simple in their design as possible. Silver toning is the result of the natural oxidation process and does not detract from the overall value of the silver. We do this by adding value to the African economy by refining raw materials into valuable products by evaluating and recovering precious metals received. A variation of EI-12, above, this bar carries a space between the 999 and +, with a thinner 999 font. Speedy delivery And as discribed. Laboratory CERTIFIED polished diamonds at WHOLESALE prices. Average We are not miners, we transform and add value to metals and peoples lives. Vintage 5 oz ENGELHARD Silver Bar EARLY Very SCARCE Variety ESTATE FIND No Res! The production of cast, poured silver bars results in a rough visual aesthetic, but delivers the level of quality and purity modern investors expect in silver bullion bars. Once you contact us, we research the shipment with the carrier and begin the claim process. Five star. We hope you enjoy your visit! $17.10 shipping. Similar to our above example, this bar was produced byEngelhardfor ROYAL. Since its inception, Engelhards main business practices focused on precious metals, especially silver. The Engelhard 1oz. $237.50. Believed to have been produced in 1980. May or may not come with an individual serial number. These bars offerexceptional value as they are of relatively low production yet reasonablyavailable to collectors. Tier 3 examples include Engelhard Industries of Canada 1oz bars, P series 5oz bars, W series 10oz ingots and 4th series 20oz ingots. When refused, the package(s) will return to JM Bullion for inspection. At least someexamples wereissued in a maroon plastic pouch and presentation box, commonly reserved for Engelhard gold bars, pictured below. If that isnt a compelling argument to pursue every last 1oz Engelhard bar on the planet at todays prices, we dont know what is! When products are shipped via the United States Postal Service, we can ship to a P.O. Actual item appearance is subject to change, but will always correlate with title and description. APMEX offers competitive prices on Engelhard Silver bars in the 1 oz, 3 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz and 100 oz variety. Engelhard Silver Bar # Specification Value; 1: Denomination: No face value: 2: Finish: Circulated: 3: Composition.999 fine silver: 4: Dimensions: 151.80 mm 76.78 mm 26. . The reverse is blank without borderand the obverse was changed slightly [1 TROY OUNCE] was centered and the Maple Leaf Logo was redesigned on some examples. Top Rated Plus. Produced in 1980. We are also available to you online through our live chat and email address features. The craftsmanship and rarity of Prospector Coins make these pieces highly sought after. 100 oz Engelhard Hand Poured Silver Bar. Check out what other customers are saying. [Engelhard Eagle Logo] [ENGELHARD] [999+ FINE SILVER] [1 TROY OUNCE] [Blank Frosted Serial Number Box], [Great American Insurance Company Logo] [GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY], Specialty Art Bar produced for the Great American Insurance Company in 1987. $0-$198 Orders: $9.95 Flat Rate (Base Shipping), $199+ Orders: FREE Shipping (Base Shipping), Paper Check: 3-5 Business Days Upon Receipt, eCheck (ACH): 3-5 Business Days Upon Receipt, Credit/Debit Card - Min: $0, Max: $50,000. These include a serial number anomaly of a 1 prefix to the serial number, likely to preclude a, [IMPEX Hallmark and Bow Tie Log] [1 TROY OZ.] Happy to have serial numbers. Lightning Fast Service: 90%+ of Items Ship Same or Next Business Day, Sleep Soundly: Secure Shipping Methods with Full Insurance Included, Simple and Convenient Payment Options, Including PayPal Payments, 24/7/365 Online Ordering with Live, Up to the Second Market Pricing. A keen eye will note the letter G matches that of the 1st seriesand that the stamping detail is more crisp. Please note, larger orders may require multiple parcels. Established by the Chamber of Mines of South Africa in 1920, Rand Refinery is one of the largest integrated single-site precious metals refining and smelting complex in the world. UPS 3-Day Air is the fastest and most reliable method of shipping. [Statue of Liberty Torch Logo] [LIBERTY TRADE SILVER] [MADE IN U.S.A.] [Octagonal E Insert Logo] [.999+ FINE SILVER] [ONE TROY OUNCE] [SERIAL NUMBER] [ 1986 MTB] [UNITED STATES OF AMERICA]. For this reason, we also don't process credit/debit card orders over the phone, as it is the least secure way to process those transactions. Our serial number registry suggests this serial assignment was shared with other variety and not indicative of full range. right order, good price, fast delivery. As low as: $29.83. Reverse is blank. Good customer support. These leading fillers slipped out of position just enough to leave an impression of the bottom or top half of the letter and number, see our recent article . With total production at a relatively limited 4 million units, 1oz Engelhard bars are the ideal choice for investors looking to secure desirable hallmark bullion as well as a collectible piece of Engelhard history. Should anything happen while your package is in transit to you, it will be covered by our insurance policy subject to the conditions set forth in this Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions. The only change from prior version, [COLONIALHallmark in Rectangle] [1 TROY OZ.] Due to COVID 19, couriers are not always getting the signature. Cast, poured silver bars are some of the more rustic and attractive silver bars available to investors. At the time of its purchase, the Engelhard company was known as the Charles F. Croselmire Company. Similar to our above example, this bar was produced byEngelhardfor Colonial Mint. The Rand Refinery mark can be found on cast and minted bars and we can customise legal tender blank coins upon request. Product ID: 6064. Similar to above example, with 6-digit serial assignment without letter prefix, however the 1 at the beginning of the serial number has a shortened base to the left. Yes/ Ships Within 1 Business Day of cleared payment. Simply click on the circle next to the shipping method you desire, and your order will be shipped via that method. AllEngelhard specifically disclaims without limitation any liability or responsibility for any losses in valuation, either directly, indirectly, consequential or incidental resulting from any representations, mis-representations, changes or modifications to information contained in this website. If you pay via PayPal, your order must ship to a PayPal Verified address. presale. [Canadian Maple Leaf w/ Litton Company Logo and Litton Text Insert] [1960-1985] [25 YEARS] [FINE SILVER 999] [1 TROY OUNCE], Specialty Art Bar Produced for Litton Systems Canada. Examples of Tier 1 Legacy Ingots include all Top-Logo varieties, 2oz, 4oz and 7oz ingots, most 3oz and 25oz varieties, London Kilo and Kilo class. As low as: $31.69. Additional information regarding the Gold Standard Corporation counterstamp may be found at this, [Thank You] [Robert G. Warner Co.] [Custom Logo] [Octagonal E Insert Logo] [FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT, Specialty Art Bar produced for the Robert G. Warner Company. Failure to notify us of damage or tampering within 48 hours fromsignatureor delivery date may impact our ability to cover your claim. . All ZAR and SA coins are listed from 1874 to date and banknotes from 1921 to date. Please note that items will not ship until payments clear as per the below: We accept BTC, BCH, ETH, WBTC, DOGE, LTC, and 5 USD-pegged stable coins. In the following few sections you will be briefed on Engelhards history, product offering, and any other pertinent information that one might consider to be important to know about their company. The example pictured demonstrates a coarse frosted reverse and not typically observed with engraving. While we make the best efforts to hit presale dates, the dates are only estimates, given we cannot control mint production issues and/or carrier dealyes. UPS or FedEx will make three delivery attempts. We reserve the right to re-ship your items or refund your money at our discretion. Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days of cleared payment. Though there designs are very straightforward, their simplicity has become greatly appreciated by investors today. Since early in the 20th century, Engelhard has been a name easily recognized by savvy investors and bullion enthusiasts. I ordered multiple bars based on the picture and was disappointed that only one bar has the recognized logo and the rest look like cheap knockoffs. Originally issued in a boxed set with proof-like 1986 American Prospector round, pictured below. Welcome to ALL ENGELHARD 's proprietary Investment and Collectibility Rating [ICR] system. The claims process can take 30 or more days to resolve, and many Lost in Transit shipments end up getting delivered late. The obverse features the identifying hallmarks. When you will receive your order depends primarily on three factors. For UPS, it is 3 calendar days. Engelhard Commercial Bar | Maple Leaf Variety B, SILVER 999+] [Serial Number in rectangle with Canadian Bull Hallmark]. Apparently, few survived melting. Tier 4 examples include7th and 10th series 10oz ingots, common 10oz Canadian ingots and extruded5oz bars. Additional information regarding the basketballvariety of this series may be found at this, [Commemorative Sports Series] [Image of Hockey Forwardand Goalie] [Octagonal E Insert Logo] [1894-1st Stanley Cup Won By Montreal A.A.A. A rare poured 1 ounce Engelhard bar produced at the Engelhard refinery of Thomastown, Australia. Perfect $550.00. Copyright 2023 JM Bullion. On many products, we are also able to offer volume discounts to customers purchasing large quantities of the same item. Tier 2 legacy ingots are comparatively more available than Tier 1 ingots. Similar to our example abovebut demonstrates a larger serial number font commonly applied to the early 1oz Engelhard Industries portraitbars, pictured above. Customer Service has been contacted in an effort allow you to exchange for bars you'd be happier with. Hallmark in Elongated Octagon repeated diagonally, three full times, without a border. better than bank interest. The company was established in 1980 and later bought Bickels Coins which was established in 1964 and incorporated it into the existing operations.PRICES OF GOLD AND SILVER STOCK ON REQUEST This is due to the fluctuating commodity prices in the marketplace.NB: REGRETFULLY WE ARE UNABLE TO RECEIVE OR MAKE PAYMENTS IN CASH FOR GOLD OR PLATINUM OR SILVER KRUGERRANDS -BANK TRANSFERS ONLY. Counterfeits are an unfortunate reality in the precious metals industry, and . Similar to our first variety, above, but with slight font variation. Most reputable bullion manufacturers stamp their precious metal bars with unique serial numbers to indicate an item is authentic, and Engelhard was no exception to the rule. In the instance of a presale item, we denote that the product is on presale and the estimated shipping date. We currently only ship to addresses in the United States, including APOs. Engelhard Commercial Bar | Large E Logo. presale. Produced from 1981-1985. 10 oz Engelhard Silver Bars. Privacy Policy | 1 oz Buffalo Warrior Silver Round .999 Fine. Today, 100 oz Silver Engelhard Cast Poured Bars are available to you online from Silver.com. after FA99999 is created, FB00000 or FB00001 is created). Any issues or problems with a shipment MUST be reported to JM Bullion within two (2) calendar days of recorded delivery, else JM Bullion may deny any claim. This particular variety demonstrates an A serial prefix, likely a prototype piece. This entry features a custom post-production engraving, though all examples in this variety were plain mirror finish. Gold ($0.10) 0 % . The mould size of this bar is uniquelylarger than the Wide E above. You can call us at 888-989-7223, chat with us live online, or email us directly. USPS is less consistent in both transit time and tracking accuracy. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one Engelhard 100 oz Silver Bar is $2515.00 based on today's silver spot price. Quick and easy. In either case, the weight and purity of the metal content in the bar offer the real value in any product. troy was removed, and some of the fonts appear to have changed slightly. Reviews. Silver toning is the result of the natural oxidation process and does not detract from the overall value of the silver. $129.88. 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Engelhard Bar, 1oz .999 Silver, Serial #PH 28406. Arrives in protective plastic flips! They deliver a great product for a reasonable price. These include the weight and purity, as well as a serial number. Specifications. Please feel welcome to call us toll free at 1(888) 989-7223 or use our Live Chat feature during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. CST. asda night shift hours,

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